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Fast and easy installment plans used for the purchase of brand new motorcycle units and even reposses motors. Easy financing of to quality motorcycle units which you can use for your personal or business needs (Individual or Corporate Fleet Financing). Units covered are: Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki motorcycles.

Your Personal, Multipursose, Hassle-free, non- collateral cash loan that is designed for the credit needs of practicing doctors (MD, DMD & DVM) dentist and vets.
The main target market of the Rx are active members of the Philippine Pediatric Association, The Philippine Obstetrics and Gynecological Society, Philippine Academy of Family Physicians, Philippine College of Surgeons and the Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology, Inc.

Why should you use the Rx CASH LINE?
  1. Flexible and long payment terms.
    • Pay for 6 to as long as 48 months. Our interest rates are also lower than most finance companies and almost all lending institutions.
  2. Hassle-free application
    • You need not drop by our office to submit your applications. You may simply fax the application to our office and requirements may be picked up from your house or clinic during personal interview.
  3. Few requirements to submits
    • No ITR or credit card statements needed, most of all, it is collateral-free.
  4. Fast loan processing
    • 5 working days to process upon receipt of all required documents.
  5. High credit value
    • Use it for whatever needs and wants you may have.

A financing scheme that enables business to get advance on trade receivables. It eases cash flow and promotes increased business productivity through the selling of accounts receivables (invoices).
No more waiting for 30-45 days for your accounts receivable to be paid. In short, factoring of receivables helps a company speed up its cash flow, thereby enabling it to more readily pay its current obligations and grow.

MFC Factors bridges the gap in waiting to collect from your trade receivables.

Many new and growing companies have trouble obtaining traditional bank financing due to their length of time in business, profitability or financial strength. MFC Factors allows these companies to convert their accounts receivable into instant cash. Once they have delivered their product or service and generated an approved invoice, MFC Factors will allow them to get their operating cash in as little as 24 hrs.

Through MFC Factors, we can help a company stay current with its vendors and other financial obligations such as payroll and taxes.

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Our History

On February 17, 1966 the Company was incorporated as Makati Investment & Finance Corporation (MIFC) under SEC registration number 28788. MFC's commercial operations started with engaging in stock dealership functions, credit line extensions, and acceptance of private placements.

The Philippine economy was in an upswing during the 1990s. Consequently, the Company focused on the growth and expansion of its operations and lending activities. Under the new management, the Company focused on the growth of its loan portfolio to take advantage of the improving Philippine economy. It was during this time when MFC introduced new products and services as well as established additional credit lines with major commercial banks. Read full article here

Mission and Vision

The Company believes in reaching its goals by focusing on its mission as follows:

to become one of the leading financial institutions in the country. Its objective is to become the best rather than the biggest. The Company pursues this objective through the following:

  • Efficiency in all aspects of operations
  • Client satisfaction at all levels of service
  • In-depth market penetration
  • Creativity in the provision of competent solutions
In the long run, Makati Finance sees itself as being the finance company known for excellence in financial service in its niche market.

Company Profile

We are a company providing quality financial services and advisory to its clients. The Company has been in the financial services sector since 1966, navigated its way out of the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997-1999, and was listed in the PSE following a successful initial public offering (IPO) in 2003.

The Company's main product lines are Rx Cashline - loans especially tailored to medical professionals, MFC Factors - a receivables factoring service for SMEs, and MC Financing, and MC Financing - loans for motorcycle buyers. These are offered domestically, hence there are no foreign sales. Also, no government approval is needed for these products. The management continues to implement cost-cutting measures and impose higher standards of credit evaluation.

MFC recognizes its role not only as a source of funding for consumers and businesses but as a partner to its clients in the improvement of their livelihood.

"Professionalism in the service of our Stakeholders (Clients, Business Associates, Shareholders, and Employees)"

Core Values:
Integrity, Accountability, Discipline, God and Family, Transparency, Meritocracy


MFC Head Office is located at Makati Avenue, Makati City. We serve the needs of customers in such cities and provincial areas as:

  • Batangas
  • Bulacan (Soon to open)
  • Cavite
  • Laguna
  • Metro Manila
  • Rizal
  • Quezon Province
Makati Finance Corporation has made possible the aspirations of thousands of Filipinos desirous of owning their own motorcycle unit by way of a more convenient and easy to pay installment plan requiring only a very minimal down-payment.

Operating Departments and Unit

The Company has three (3) main operating units that represent each main business line. The following is a brief description of each:

Rx Cash Line Group
The Rx Cashline group is mainly responsible for the Rx Cashline product. This group is tasked with:

  • sales and promotion of the Rx Cashline product to medical professionals
  • assist in credit application, investigation, evaluation, and recommendation
  • collection as well as
  • research and development
The Rx Cashline group also has a network of accredited referral agents that bring in qualified loan clients.

MFC Factors Group
The MFC Factors Group is responsible for running the receivables factoring business of the Company. Among its basic tasks are:

  • sales and promotion
  • credit application, investigation, evaluation, recommendation
  • collection
The account officers are responsible for the research of businesses that seek to factor their receivables for extra liquidity. Factoring leads come from accredited referral agents as well as current clients.

MC Financing Group
The MC Financing Group is tasked with:

  • sales and promotion
  • credit application, investigation, evaluation, recommendation
  • collection for the motorcycle financing business of the Company.

Business Operations

The Company's business operations involve: (a) sales and marketing; (b) evaluation and approval of loan applications; and (c) collection of loan accounts. The following discussion presents the various components of the Company's business operations.

Sales and Marketing
The Company's sales and marketing effort is led by the Account Officers/Credit Sales Representatives of each operating department. The AOs/CSRs are responsible for generating new loan accounts as well as monitoring the existing ones. Moreover, each account officer is tasked with generating and monitoring their accounts in their respective service areas.

In addition to the AOs/CSRs of each operating department, the Company also has a large network of accredited agents that refer loan applicants to the Company. The Company's network of referral agents includes both individuals and accredited institutions, such as medical organizations and distributors of medical and dental equipment.

As part of the Company's marketing efforts, the AOs/CSRs employ the following promotional tools:

  • direct mail
  • advertisements in trade publications
  • fax and e-mail marketing
  • telemarketing
  • door-to-door marketing
  • attendance of special events/trade shows
  • loan renewal program
  • referral network and programs

Loan Evaluation and Approval Process
For consumer finance companies, there is prime importance in a complete and adequate evaluation and stringent screening process for new loan applications. Given the country's economic environment, assessing credit risk and quality of new loan accounts become one of the core processes of finance companies such as MFC.

Along with a proprietary credit scoring system, MFC's in-house loan process evaluation includes business and residential visits and ocular inspections. The Company also verifies new loan applications with the Credit Management Association of the Philippines (CMAP) and the Credit Investigation Bureau, Inc. (CIBI) to determine if there exists negative credit findings on a loan applicant. The Account Officer then thoroughly analyzes the application and makes a recommendation.

The Company's Credit Committee makes the final decision on the application for Rx Cashline and MFC Factors group while the Branch Manager and the bookkeeper approves the application for MC Financing based on the AO/CSR's analysis. The Credit Committee is composed of the Senior Managing Director, the COO and the group heads.

Once an application has been approved by the Credit Committee, a check will be prepared for the loan release. The clients are notified of the approval before the loan is released. The clients are also requested to furnish some final documentation prior to the release of the funds. The post-dated checks and other loan requirements from the client are submitted to the cashier. If the required documents are clear and in order, the loan proceeds are then released to the client. Various documents are then provided by the various departments and groups to the Account Officers to facilitate in account monitoring and collection.

Once the MC Financing application is approved by the Branch Manager then various documentations are prepared for the release of the motorcycle unit. The borrower pays for the down payment, registration and the insurance, signs the chattel mortgages and other release forms before the units may be pulled out or delivered to the customer.

Loan Collection Process
Monitoring the loan accounts is the responsibility of the Account Officer or Credit Sales Representative of each of the operating departments. The subsidiary ledger of their respective approved clients contains the schedule of the loan amortization payments. Because the Rx Cashline clients have already given their post-dated checks for the loan repayments, the Account Officers are well advised of the status of each account.

Account Officers are always updated on clients that have completed their amortization payments and those that have incurred returned-check payments. Clients whose checks have bounced are immediately advised by the Account Officer in charge to settle the payment as soon as possible with consequent late payment charges and handling fees. With this, it is important to take note that MFC normally evaluates the circumstances of bounced checks on a case-to-case basis to maintain profitable relations with their clients as much as possible. The Credit Sales Representatives, on the other hand, most often directly and personally collects the loan amortizations. Some customers prefer to pay directly to the branch office, but this is only a few.

Customers that do not remit payment on the due date are classified as past due accounts while those that are more than 90 days past due are reclassified as delinquent accounts. Legal action or foreclosure of collateral may be endorsed for accounts that turn delinquent. MC Financing clients' will have their motorcycles units repossessed for 60 days past due. Clients may get them back upon payment of amortization in arrears.

Despite instituting a firm and stringent credit and collection policy, the Company maintains its goal of providing quality service to its clients.

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